The total cost of the school's portion of Project BIG is $5.7 Million. The Church is committed to sowing $4.7 Million of the funds raised towards Project Big to the school construction. The school's Leadership has agreed to believe God and to work to raise $1,000,000 towards Project Big to fund the remainder of the cost to build the new school buildings. The giving gauge you see on this page reflects the commitment of Victory Life Church as well as a tracker to show the progress of the school towards raising that $1,000,000 portion.

The Total cost of Project Big is $21.5 Million and the fundraising goals on this page are a snapshot of a smaller portion of that total goal, not in addition to it. The Stretch Goals are there to help us exercise our faith to stretch beyond even what the minimum amount is. Once the entirety of Project Big is funded, additional funds received towards the academy will go toward seeing those stretch goals filled.


Giving Goals



  • New VLA Buildings
  • Updated Parking Lot


  • New Covered Playground


  • Updated Lab Equipment
  • Vehicle Upgrades
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Updated Desks and Chairs



LCS Building Project Donut chart showing the LCS Building Project Donation Gauge. The Goal Amount is $5,700,000.00. The Amount Committed is $4,700,000.00. The Amount Received so far is $71,516.00. The Amount Still Needed is $928,484.00. $4,700,000 Committed This is how much that has been committed by people, but not yet received. $71,516 Received This is how much that has been received from people so far. $928,484 Needed This is how much that we still need to bring in to complete the project. 84% Total Received & Committed
Project Goal:
Still Needed:

*This gauge rounds to the nearest full percent.
*Committed amounts reflect funds that have been promised
towards this project but have not yet been received as a donation.


to Save

Here are some helpful suggestions on how you can make room in your budget or fundraise for your gift

52 week challenge

This is a great way to save up some money as the amount continues to compound! Whether you start out with a $1 or $4, you simply continue to add that value to the following weeks to incrementally increase the amount you are saving each week. We have included a form you can use to calculate your weekly savings.

Fight the Indulge

What is your weekly/daily indulge? A fancy coffee store drink? A yummy fast food treat? Instead of indulging, set that money aside in saving for your gift.

Group Garage sale

Everything is better together! Plan a day to bring all those extra things you have been meaning to clear out of storage and setup at one of your Life Group members houses for the sale. Make a fun day of it, maybe even have the grill going with hotdogs for you and your guests.

Kid Penny Drive

This is a great way to involve the family in the process!


Gift Matters

*Numbers are rounded to nearest whole number
*Input a dollar amount under Weekly Amount for calculation of monthly and 3-year totals.

Need help setting up your gift or have questions?

Contact Us



Am I able to make my payment by check or cash, rather than online?

Yes! Please place cash in a giving envelope and mark it “Project Big”. For checks, include “Project Big” in the memo line.

What if I need to change my scheduled giving?

We understand that life is unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances may arise. You may decrease or increase your commitment at any time before the gift is made. Please visit the following link from to see how to make those adjustments. Article

You may also email or call 580-916-9022 and press 2 when prompted if you need more help.

Is this deductible on my taxes?
Victory Life Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) and donations made to us are eligible for tax deductions. However, please consult with a tax advisor or tax specialist for specific details and strategies as to how these tax deduction opportunities apply to your tax return specifically.
Will anyone's commitment be made public?
Your commitment is a matter between you and the Lord and will be handled confidentially.
Is it okay to make a commitment to give an amount that I do not have now?

Yes, you can commit to give an amount in the future, trusting that God will provide that amount when the time comes! That is faith and faith pleases God (Hebrews11:6). As you hear God, obey Him.

But, please be mindful to never give on credit! We do not expect or encourage anyone to take on debt to give toward this project. “For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.” – 2 Corinthians 8:12