Lindsay Roode

I would love for the kids to have natural light during the school day. I see us having cozy reading knooks that promote kids to sit down with a book. I would love for us to follow a less institutional design and think outside of the box to encourage creativity in our...

Charity Scott

I see lots of children walking the halls and smiling and laughing! I see beautifully decorated elementary classrooms where students are excited to enter. I see lots of sunlight. The sunlight brings tears to my eyes!

Tammy Johnson

My dream is to see VLA a growing and thriving Christian school. I see us competitive in all areas: academics, sports, and reaching goals. I believe we can do all of these things while living with integrity and taking our students to a higher level on a daily basis. I...

Josie Amerson

For my classroom I would like to see a sink with water available. I would like to see another gym available so that we could have two gyms for the children to play in during bad weather.

Kalli Martin

To see good bathrooms and water fountains for the playground. Better desks for the children. No gray walls in the school building because it is proven to cause emotions of sadness.