My dream is to see VLA a growing and thriving Christian school. I see us competitive in all areas: academics, sports, and reaching goals. I believe we can do all of these things while living with integrity and taking our students to a higher level on a daily basis. I see us as a name that people know and respect. I see our athletes competing in major arenas and areas outside of what we could possibly comprehend now. I see our students excelling in class work and academia. I see our teachers growing and mentoring students. I see us raising the leaders of tomorrow and equipping them for life’s challenges. I see us shaking the future of tomorrow through our students. I see our students leaving the VLA umbrella with confidence and assuring that they are ready to face life and the world. They will walk away with the ability to face any challenge or crisis because of the tools we have providers and equipped them with. They will not be a sheltered generation that can’t handle being on their own. Instead, they will thrive because they’ve been given the ability to learn and grow while be protected and covered. They will make mistakes while they are under our care so we can teach and train them for better decisions tomorrow. They bless the teachers and staff at VLA for the love and foundation they were given. We will have world changers: doctors, lawyers, bankers, mechanics, pilots, stay at home moms, incredible fathers, loving neighbors, and good friends graduating from VLA. I see a renewed sense of school spirit and appreciation for what we have and what has been sacrificed along the way to get where we are and where we are going. I see success in all we do. I see the favor of God on a our school, staff, students and their families!.. I could go on and on..