Posted: Sep 27, 2021

Update | September 2021

It’s time for another update on Project Big! From the outside, it may look like not much is changing on the property itself. That is because there continues to be a lot of progress behind the scenes on the preparation and planning of the construction. Our team has been meeting with the architects, general contractors, and others to finalize plans and drawings for the first phase of the project. As more details become available about when we will officially break ground or begin renovation, we’ll be sure to share them. 

Here is an update on the fundraising progress. As of Sept 24th, we have now received $4,031,997.68 and since a large amount of what had already been committed came in as donations, we now have $2,238,711.57 committed towards the project! That is an increase of $1,065,929.38 in donations since the update we sent last month. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity in responding as the Lord leads you with your continued prayers and giving. 

As part of that increase in donations, the kids’ penny drive competition has now raised a total of $1,314.19, an increase of $270.70 since last month, and the girls are currently still winning with $735.94 vs. the boys’ $578.25. Way to go girls! The contest ends on Oct. 3rd so unless the boys make some fast changes, the girls will win. 

One of the teams that has been formed as part of Project Big is our prayer team. This team is committed to praying over the project and believing for God’s provision and favor as we move forward. In the middle of September, they gathered together on a Monday night to walk and pray over every inch of the property we will be building on. 

One of the team members heard God speak to them with this large pecan tree that is located where part of the new VLA facility will be. This tree is very large, productive, and healthy – a sign that it is planted in good soil with good nutrients. God showed them a parallel with the students that will be attending the academy that will be built on the ground where this tree is located. Just as this ground has produced a healthy and vibrant tree, the ground will now support a facility that will produce healthy and vibrant students. Isn’t that awesome? The next time you see this tree, remember that word. 

That is all of the updates we have for you this month. Thank you again for your generosity, prayers, and support as we continue to see God move through Project Big!