Posted: Sep 2, 2021

Update | August 2021

We are thrilled to be bringing you our first monthly update on Project Big. It has been one month since we announced this project to the church and a whole lot has been happening behind the scenes since then. 

First, we are happy to give an update on the fundraising progress. As of August 31st, we have received $2,966,068.30 and have an additional $3,212,343.00 committed towards the project. That is an increase of $311,592.80 in donations and $111,843.00 in commitments in only one month! Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity and for responding as the Lord leads you with your continued prayers and giving. 

We are also blessed to report that the kids’ penny drive competition has raised a total of $1,035.49 in one month and the girls are currently winning with $561.24 vs. the boys’ $474.25. It is so inspiring to see our kids leading the way by having fun and being radically generous. That contest ends on Oct. 3rd (so the boys still have some time left to make a comeback).

Second, we would like to let you know that we have officially signed a contract hiring Lippert Bros. as our General Contractor to work with us to see this project through to completion. Lippert has a 100- year history of excellence in construction as a 4th-generation family-owned business. They have a proven record of experience and quality, and we are happy to have them on board. You can learn more about their company here.

In conclusion, we wanted to highlight some of the beautiful dreams that have been shared on our dream wall by some of you and from our 6–11-year-old kids. Remember that Project Big is about much more than a building, it is about stepping into a new season of faith and taking the limits off what God can do in our lives. We will continue to partner with you in prayer to see God-dreams fulfilled in your life and we are looking forward to sharing more progress in our next update.


“To go forth with helping widows through experiencing their pain. To give them hope in what the Lord has for their future.” – Janice R

“To reach our community, state, country, and world to some degree for the Kingdom of God. To reap, sow, and water fruitful seeds, to store up treasure in Heaven, be found Good & Faithful servants ready for Jesus’ coming!”  – Johnnie H.

Some of our 6-11 year old Kids:

“When I grow up, I want to be a mission doctor and help missions [missionaries] who get injured.” 
“That my church loves me.” 
“To be baptized.”