Posted: Aug 31, 2022

Update | June-August 2022

Demolition, Steel, and Progress  

It’s been a few months since we sent our last newsletter, but progress has continued steadily. As of August 29th, 2022, we have received $5,298,473 and have an additional $2,285,981 committed towards the project. Thank you for continuing to partner with us in prayer and giving to see this project fully funded. 


Pretty quickly after the groundbreaking event, demolition took place inside the existing structures that will undergo renovation to become part of the new school building. The ground outside has been cleared and trees removed to make way for the new structures to be built.  


The steel package for the new building arrived at the end of June, much earlier than expected! At the time it was ordered, there was an expected delay of 10 months for it to arrive, but it got here after only 5 months! Praise the Lord.


The dirt pad for the foundation of the new gymnasium has been formed, and we are getting close to having the foundation poured! Once this happens, the new structure will be erected. 

The detailed planning for the construction of the Narthex (The new church foyer and commons area) is now underway. At Jubilee, we showed this 3D rendering video of what this new area might look like. You can see that video clip here. If all goes well and funds are available, we could be celebrating Jubilee in this new space next year! 

If you’d like to see a live camera view of the construction site showing the progress day by day you can now view that stream on the Project Big website. Scroll down a bit on the home page and you’ll find it. 


This year’s Jubilee was a powerful time for our church. We were encouraged to dream even bigger than we’ve been dreaming and to prepare new wineskins for the new wine God is going to pour out. We were blessed to have Billy Epperhart and Andrew Wommack encourage our church in our giving and to help us gain Heaven’s perspective on our finances. We want to encourage you to go listen to the Jubilee messages again and take time to seek God’s direction for you and your family this year. You can catch those messages below.

One of the most incredible things we are celebrating is the amount of generosity shown by our church in the giving at Jubilee. Over the 4 days we gathered, about $350,000 was sown specifically toward Project Big and another $100,000 was pledged toward the Project. This is evidence that our church is choosing to step out in faith and trust God to see Him move in our finances so that we can see His Kingdom mission accomplished.