Letting what God put in my heart come to pass. God to open the door and give peace for my Husband and me to move our family and our business to Sherman. My family daily in/at Victory Life. My children to find and marry spouses that have a hunger for the Word of God and for them to be the Godly spouses that God has called them to be. For us to have enough land for our children to build their homes on so, we can always be together. No more PROCRASTINATION! God to change our family legacy. My youngest son (3yrs) to attend pK-12 Victory Life Academy. Crop failure on my bad seeds and to only sow Godly/life seeds. Own a large ranch to raise A2 cows for dairy and meat. A house that our kid’s friends can come over and have space to hang out. Finally starting my Ice Cream Shop (21yr Dream). Owning a “park” where kids can go to Skateboard/ Ride ATVs/ Water Park/ Play in a Godly environment.