I have a dream for our coffee shop to be open on weeknights when local coffee shops are closed. This would serve multiple purposes: a place for college students to study (offer discount drinks during finals weeks), a place for life groups to be hosted in the building,...

Sheffield Family

My dream is for our church to change many lives and bring souls to grow in the body of Jesus. Jesus, bless our lives and community. Let us live in your mind and righteousness life.

Doris G.

Fruits of the Spirit in my life more, that I would be less of me & more like Jesus. That I would be bold & sensitive to the Holy Spirit & speak up when He tells me to. To listen & grow in Christ. I love you, Lord! And that my children would come back...

Doris G.

Grow closer & closer to God. Growth and many would come to Jesus. Reach more people & tell them the good news: Jesus is Lord!