Allison Keller

I am current writing a book about the abuse I went through, and the supernatural blessings I received from Jesus Christ after I escaped the abuse. I will someday share my testimony to give others hope. Jesus is healing me as I write this.

Allison Keller

My dream is to have a car. I want to drive women that are in the Crisis Center for abused women, next to Victory Life church in Sherman to dr. Appointments, job interviews, and the store.

Kimberly Reich

In 2018 God gave me 40 plus children’s Christian picture books. I would love to see them in the hands of the least of these.

Natalie Hill

For my mom to receive her healing that was done on the cross! For my dad to receive a job here in Oklahoma! For my prodigal brother to come home! And for me personally, I want to graduate college and receive my dream job as a first responder!